Flip Saunders gets relieved of his coaching duties

Does anyone else find it unfair that Flip Saunders gets relieved of his coaching duties, basically giving him an opportunity to distance himself from a joke of a team and a franchise, while we're left to wallow in another lost season and watch a team of knuckle heads play what they think is basketball, but in reality is really some jumbled mess of street ball mixed with rec center pick up? Is it fair that Ernie Grunfield, possibly the worst GM in the history of the world, still has a job? Does anyone else pine for the days of the Big Three, a time when no defense was played, a time when 'Dagger' calls rained down from on high, a time when the Wiz were just a few pieces away with wicked pantages tickets?

Those memories weren't very long ago and even though the Wizards organization would like you to act as if you had your mind erased (Men in Black Style), those were much better days. Just to re-cap, the Wiz, were close, real close, close enough to trade a Ricky Rubio draft spot to the T-Wolves for Mike Miller and Randy Foye. Then Gil lost his cool and started threatening to cap a fool and all the good will, the game winners, the back to back to back to back playoff appearances, it was all gone, poof! Or visit phantom of the opera see tickets.

Here we stand January 25, 2012, Flip Saunders, the one-time answer to solving the Wizards post-season iniquities; the man that replaced a pretty successful Eddie Jordan is gone. Saunders deserved better, and by that I mean talent-wise. It was unfair that he had to deal with the Gilbert Arenas fiasco and the blowing up of the big three. See  It wasn't a good fit to have him saddled with such a young, ignorant team, but it doesn't totally excuse his 51-130 record with the team. Saunders 'pedigree' means he should have done something, he needed to change his coaching style to fit his awful situation, but he didn't. He could have played young guys, but instead kept putting that rotting corpse Rashard Lewis in the starting five each night. How will we remember Flip? Somewhere close to how the Wizards organization want us to remember the 'Big 3' and the 'Hibachi'......IT NEVER HAPPENED!!

They relied heavily on the defensive presence of Tyson Chandler

10.) Bucks - I don't know a lot about the Bucks and seo experts london , but they have a great point guard in Brandon Jennings, sorry. Fear the deer?
I'm dusting off my floppy disk and taking the Oregon Trail over to the West to pick my top 8.

1.) Oklahoma City - Two words for you: Kevin Durant. Remember this shortened season will benefit young legs and the Thunder has a lot of those. The NBA is always dominated by dominant players, good news for the Thunder since they have two, but can Durant and Westbrook co-exist? If they do, this is the best team in the West kolapadaar.

2.) LA Clippers (Not a Typo) - We're currently living in a world that could feature a Miami vs. LA Clippers NBA finals. Go back in a time machine and let someone in the Nineties know that, they would shit themselves. The Clips added Chris Paul (Top Ten Player), Chauncey Billups (Former NBA Champ), Caron Butler (Great Knickname 'Tough Juice') and they re-signed Blake Griffins' buddy De'Andre Jordan. If the team can jell early then they could be scary good. LOB-CITY!!!

3.) Dallas - I'm so confused on how to think about this Mavs team. They relied heavily on the defensive presence of Tyson Chandler and great bench play from the spark plug J.J. Barrea to win a title. Now both are gone, and they replaced them with Odom, Delonte West and Vince Carter. I say downgrade. I like the Odom addition and he's playing with a chip on his shoulder, but rocking the ship too much could be detrimental.

4.) Memphis - Memphis gave us a memorable playoff series with the Thunder last year and even gave us a legit Grievis Vasquez siting. Marc Gasol re-signed and Rudy Gay is back and healthy. I really like this Memphis team and I really want to see them in the playoffs.

5.) San Antonio - The Spurs are old, see Boston Celtics, but they have experience. If the old dogs can hold up for the sprint, they should be rewarded with a first round playoff exit to the Grizzles.

6.) Nuggets - The Melo trade last season gave the Nuggets some good players in return. George Karl is a great coach and this Nuggets team is poised to surprise. See this wicked pantages tickets .

7.) Lakers - Old, disgruntled and injury prone. I just realized that if this scenario is plays out we could have an all LA first round match-up. That would be incredible. The Lakers got robbed by the NBA and if Kobe has any juice left his sole motivation will be destroying everyone in his path.

8.) Portland - This is just a shout out to all the hipsters in Portland, you have a decent basketball team.

On the Cusp: 9.) Suns - Nash, that's about it.

10.) Minnesota - I Kevin Love this team, and they signed J.J. Barrea and finally brought Ricky Rubio over from Spain. This team could surprise and make a push to be a 7 seed; I also love the addition of head coach Rick Adleman.

There it is, all wrapped up nice for you and placed under the tree. What has two thumbs loves the NBA and can't sleep at night due to anticipation of one of the best days of basketball in the history of the world? THIS GUY!!!

Washington Wizards feels like I'm taking crazy

With all that being said, some days feel different than others, but everyday that Ernie Grunfeld remains GM of the Washington Wizards feels like I'm taking CRAZY PILLS! Straight up, he should have been fired when he made that awful Mike Miller/Randy Foye trade and no doubt when they blew up the big three. This is a plea to Teddy, AMNESTY CORPSE LEWIS, TRADE BLACTCHE OR CUT HIM AND PLEASE FIRE GRUNFELD!!!

It's that time again:

Today, much like every other Maryland vs. Duke day, I took to YouTube to watch my favorite videos. I started with an appetizer of Juan Dixon going off against Duke at Cameron indoor from 2001 on Shane Battier's senior night. Then moved on to a salad course of Maryland cult favorite Dave Neal setting an amazing pick on poor little Nolan Smith. For the dinner it was a main course filled with a combo of Jordan Williams dunking on John Scheyer and an epic Steve Blake steal from Jay Williams, you know the one I'm talking about. After I was stuffed to the brim with poorly constructed food puns, I capped off the night with a desert fit for a king, watching Maryland upset Duke in the ACC tournament.

Ah, Maryland vs. Duke, nothing better. Take all your Big East, Big Ten, and Big 12 rivalries and shove them. This is passion personified; this is Cool (MD) vs. Same Lame White Guy (Duke).

Tonight will be special regardless of the outcome, since tonight is the night that Maryland renames the Comcast Center floor after legendary coach Gary Williams. Let's hope the Terps christen the floor properly.

Duke is coming off last second loss to FSU this past weekend and Maryland is currently sporting a two game losing streak. Duke is the heavy favorite, but you can never count the turtles out. The Terps will need a big game from Stoglin, Pe'Shon and Mosley if they have any chance of staying in the ball game. Alex Len is set to play after spraining an ankle against Temple. Nothing would be better than Len plowing down the lane and jamming one home in his first taste of the rivalry. See here more about this matilda broadway tickets discount .

Here is to hoping tonight's game gives me another option in the YouTube buffet of Maryland triumphs over Duke.